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Joana E. Meyer

Joana E. Meyer


Saarland University


Material Science and Mechanical Engineering


Glenn H. Balbus

Faculty Sponsor(s): 

Daniel S. Gianola

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Project Title: 

Pulsed laser deposition of PdCuSi thin films in atmosphere

Project Description: 

This work examines thin film deposition of multicomponent nanostructured materials (PdCuSi) using femtosecond pulsed laser deposition (PLD) in atmosphere. Our goal is to determine whether preparation of dense thin films with small grain size distribution is possible by changing the travel distance of the ablation plume, laser fluence, angle of incidence, and deposition time. Most current PLD methods require the ablation and deposition process to be performed in a vacuum chamber. Studies suggest that the collision of the ablation plume with atmospheric particles leads to thin films of high porosity with a larger grain distribution, which limits its field of application. To widen the scope of PLD we try to develop a method for dense thin film deposition in atmosphere. Experiments are performed with a Ti:Sapphire laser with a pulse width of 150 fs and wavelength of 775 nm. The laser is pulsed at the target, held by a fixture allowing control of the variables of interest to determine their influence on the nanostructure and void fraction. Successful results would lead to a simplification of the PLD process, reduction of expenses and new application possibilities.