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Niccolo Villafria


University of California Santa Barbara

Faculty Sponsor(s): 

Jose Nuñez

Faculty Sponsor's Department(s): 

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Project Title: 

Organic Donor-Acceptor Dendrimers as Potential Photovoltaic Materials: Synthesis, Structural Categorization, and Photophysical Study

Project Description: 

The synthesis and structural characterization of a discotic 1,3,5-triaminobenzene derivative containing 2,1,3-benzothiadiazole derivatives at the periphery is presented, Figure 1. The triaminobenzene core is designed to serve as the electron-donating component, and the benzothiadiazole derivatives as the electron-acceptors. The architecture of this type of donor-acceptor molecule is designed to maximize electron transfer by maximizing the number of donors and acceptors within the molecule. The long-term goal of these types of molecules is the preparation of -stacked assemblies, as reported for similar discotic molecules, and the determination of their power conversion efficiencies.