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Adrian Gallardo


University of California Santa Barbara


Department of Mechanical Engineering


Taibur Rahman

Faculty Sponsor(s): 

Chintalapalle V Ramana

Faculty Sponsor's Department(s): 

Mechanical Engineering

Project Title: 

Synthesis, microstructure, and dielectric properties of Tidoped WO3

Project Description: 

Tungsten oxide (WO3) is a widely studied n-type semiconductor for a variety of optical and electronic device applications. Lowdimensional structures of WO3-based materials are increasingly gaining importance in recent years in view of their potential applications in optoelectronics, microelectronics, catalysis, and energy harvesting. Our research team has been exploring the Titanium (Ti) doped (WO3) thin films for application in photovoltaics and sensor technologies. The objective of this project is to prepare bulk samples of Ti-W-O ceramics with variable Ti concentration and to evaluate their structure and electrical properties. Ti-doped W-oxides were synthesized by the solid state ceramic method. Ti concentration is varied in both mol% and wt%. The structure and electrical properties of the samples were evaluated using X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and dielectric spectroscopic measurements. An attempt is made to obtain a correlation between Ti-concentration, structure and electrical properties of Ti-W-O ceramics.