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Ron Broner

Ron Broner, Physics, University of California Santa Barbara


University of California, Santa Barbara




B Mallesham

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C. V. Ramana

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Project Title: 

Solid State Synthesis and Characterization of LiGaP2O7: A Novel Pyrophosphate for Electrochemical Energy Technology

Project Description: 

Phosphate based materials are extensively studied in recent years due to their fascinating physical properties and potential technological applications including; solid state lasers, electrochemical devices, catalysis, luminescence. We report on the structural, optical and dielectric properties of a novel material, LiGaP2O7, synthesized using conventional solid-state chemical reaction. Calcination of sample was carried at different temperatures with intermediate grinding. X-ray diffraction of calcined sample confirms that sample calcined at 650 °C for 8 h exhibits phase purity without any secondary phases. In addition, diffraction pattern reveals that synthesized compound stabilized in monoclinic crystal symmetry with P21 space group; an isostructural feature similar to widely studied phosphates LiFeP2O7 and LiCrP2O7. The physical, chemical and electronic property analyses made and results obtained are compared with our previous work on LiFeP2O7, which found to be an excellent candidate for electrochemical energy devices as reported previously by our team. Finally, a correlation between crystal structure, phase, microstructure and electrical properties of LiGaP2O7 is established. We expect that the correlation established will be useful as a road-map for our future work on demonstrating the applicability of these materials for electrochemical energy related technologies.