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2021 RET Program Science Curriculum Presentations

For over 20 years of the MRL’s Research Experience for Teachers program (RET), we have hosted an in-person annual science teacher curriculum workshop.  A primary mission of this event is to share projects from our RET Teacher-Interns, who have conducted research in UCSB laboratories and have also developed related classroom materials. For 2021, we have shared this work via Zoom instead of our day long workshop, we will hold relatively brief, 45-60min sessions over three separate Monday @ 4pm sessions.  For project descriptions and resources please see the links below.

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Mon April 19 @ 4pm:

Daniella Duran -Chemistry, Valencia High School- "A Science Learning Sequence"

Resources: Presentation video-- Presentation Slides -- Teacher resources 

Greg Schiller - Biology, Ramon Cortines High School of Visual and Performing Arts - "Think Global, Act Local"

Resources: Presentation video-- Presentation Slides - Project Overview

Mon April 26 @ 4pm:

Megan Poster - Chemistry, Santa Barbara High School - "How do molecular changes affect properties of stuff?"

Resources: Presentation video - Presentation Slides - All other resources

Christine Flores - General Science, Monte Vista Middle School - "The Story of the Bad Apple"

Resources: Presentation video - Presentation slides

Mon May 3 @ 4pm: 

Nikki Le - Chemistry, Sanger High School - "Chemistry in Agriculture";

Resources: Presentation videoPresentation slides - All other resources

Please also consider applying for this summer’s Research Experience for Teachers program, a paid research internship for teachers. Opportunities are still available!

In the MRL RET program secondary school teachers participate in MRL laboratory research under the mentorship of graduate, post-doctoral and faculty researchers. Teachers work collaboratively to translate their research experiences into the development of novel projects for science classrooms.  More information below.  Feel free to share the program with your science teacher colleagues.