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Dow Travel Grants

MRL-Dow Travel Fellowships

As part of the DowMI and the MRL’s continual efforts to enhance the educational experience of both graduate students and postdocs, the DowMI awards a number of Travel Fellowships. These awards are intended to support activities outside the scope of our existing programs, such as travel by researchers to industrial laboratories and conferences. Typical awards are between $250-$500. Students who are intending to apply for programs such as the MRS Graduate Student Award and Gordon Research Seminars are strongly encouraged to apply for the Travel Fellowships.

Details of the Travel Awards and the application process will be circulated to the MRL and DowMI participants when new competitions are opened. Please contact jhenry [at] ucsb [dot] edu (Jess Henry) for further information.

DowMI Travel

For DowMI researchers who are traveling please follow the MRL travel procedures. If you will be working in a Dow laboratory, please contact jhenry [at] ucsb [dot] edu (Jess Henry) at least two weeks in advance of travelling to ensure that you will be able to start work shortly after arriving at Dow.