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Cameca IMS 7f Auto SIMS

The Cameca IMS 7f Auto SIMS, combines the extreme sensitivity and mass resolution of earlier Cameca magnetic SIMS instruments with new features making operation easier and more consistent. The instrument features advanced automation for both instrument tuning and mass calibration, and a computerized stage enabling the machine to perform multiple scans unattended. 

The IMS 7f Auto has two primary ion sources, cesium and oxygen. Depending on the sample, it can achieve a depth resolution as low as 2 nm. Masses from 1 amu to 360 amu can be detected, and the mass resolution is sufficient to eliminate nearly all interferences. The detection limit for B in Si is 3E13/cm3. 
In addition to mass spectra and depth profiles, the system can generate 2D and 3D images from sputtered regions with lateral resolution as fine as 1 micron. Maximum sample sizes: 25 mm diameter, 12 mm thickness.


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