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Printing in the MRL

Please print in Black and White for everyday printing.  Color printing is very expensive for the MRL.
Printers have their IP addresses listed on them.  Usually the best way to add a printer is to use its IP address.  For Windows (7,8,10) when adding a printer add a 'Local Printer' and then create a new TCP/IP port with the printer's IP address on it.  You'll have to select the printer in a subsequent dialog box.  I know that's not intuitive, but it consistently yields the best results.
Mail Room B&W HP LaserJet (P4515):
Mail Room Color HP Laserjet (M653dn): (Easy Installer here)
3rd Floor Color HP Laserjet (CP4525):
3rd Floor B&W HP LaserJEt (P4515):
Printing to the Mail Room Copier (Canon iMage Runner Avance C5255 - color capable and duplex capable)
  1. First download the driver for your operating system:
    Mac OS (El Cap, Sierra)
    Mac OS (Pre El Cap)
    Windows (64 bit, Win 7,8,10 - for other versions, Google Canon C5255 driver support - click the Canon link that says Support | Color | iMage Runner Advance C5255)
  2. Once the download is complete open the downloaded folder.
  3. On Macs, double click the .zip file to unzip it and then double click the .pkg file, and go through the installation process. You'll then have to add the printer as an LPD Printer with an IP address of in the Printers section of the System Preferences. Name the printer MRL Mail Room Copier. Select the driver - Canon imageRunner Adv C5255 .
  4. On Windows, double click the .exe file to start the install process.
  5. After the installation is complete open your printer preferences in System Preferences for Mac users or Control Panel for PC users
  6. Click add printer and then enter in the IP: (second floor Mail Room Copier)
  7. On Windows open the printer preferences and set Color to B&W (you can add color to printing manually when printing, but printing in B&W saves us a lot of money). Make sure to uncheck User ID Management too.
  8. On Macs, open the Utilities folder in the Applications folder and launch Terminal.  Cut and paste the following:    cupsctl WebInterface=yes   .   Then on Macs, open a web browser and paste in    . Click on Administration, Manage Printers, and click on the printer you just added (MRL Mail Room Copier).  Click on Administration and select Default Options. Under Output Options, select Staple Finisher J1 if you want the ability to staple. Under Color Mode, select Black and White (saves the MRL money).  At the bottom set to False, Job Accounting and Confrim ID/Password.  Click Set Default Options at the very bottom.
  9. Print a test page to verify the setup procedure worked successfully.
  10. See us in 2066B if you have any troubles or fuz [at] mrl [dot] ucsb [dot] edu .

The same will also work for the 3rd floor copier (, but the copier is an ImageRunner Advance C350, so you'll have to google canon imagerunner advance c350 to obtain the UFRII driver.