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2016 TeraWatts, TeraGrams, TeraLiters

Monday, February 1, 2016 (All day)
Elings Hall 1601

Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities for Future Sustainable Production of Chemicals and Fuels


Date & Venue: Monday, February 1, 2016, Elings Hall 1601, UC Santa Barbara

New Purpose:

This annual workshop follows two previous events which brings together forward-thinking engineers, scientists, economists, and government leaders  to talk, argue, speculate, and dream a little about what might be possible if only we could ……….  Pointed,  20 minute provocative forward-thinking presentations are followed by lively discussions moderated by a panel of top young graduate students and post-docs.   We are looking to present and discuss processes and problems that are not presently part of the central plans or R&D activities in industry, but that might be there in the future if major fundamental problems in chemical and material science and engineering were solved or barriers removed.  We also are examining social and systemic barriers to making significant progress in sustainability.  For 2016 the preliminary program is HERE (PDF).

Organizing committee: Eric McFarland (UQ/UCSB), Sarah Anderson (UCSB), Tom Jaramillo (Stanford), Craig Hawker (UCSB), Chris Greig (University of Queensland)
  • Tim Searchinger (Princeton), Bioenergy, double-counting and the competition for land (pptx)
  • David Constable (ACS Green Chemistry Institute), The Global Chemistry Enterprise is Completely Unsustainable – What are you going to do about it? (pptx)
  • Kathy Ayers (Proton On-Site), Megawatts and Gigawatts on the way to Terawatts (pptx)
  • Rick Wagner, (Chevron Phillips), Sustainable practices produces products with a sustainable future (PDF)
  • Shane Ardo (UC Irvine), Solar energy promises (pptx)
  • Tom Jaramillo (Stanford), Unconventional routes to conventional chemicals (pptx)
  • Mikael Nilsson (UC Irvine), Possibilities and Challenges for Next Generation Nuclear Reactors (pptx)
  • Mark Way (Swiss-Re), Will Assets be Uninsurable from Climate Change (pptx)
  • Peta Ashworth (Univ. Queensland), The Public: The problem or the solution for sustainability? (pptx)
  • Leah Stokes (UCSB), The Changing Politics of Renewable Energy Technologies (PDF)
  • Hanna Breetz (ASU), The systems (r)evolution in energy metrics: implications for regulation and innovation (pptx)
  • Sarah Anderson (UCSB), How Difficult Compromise On Sustainability Policy Really Is (pptx)
  • Matto Mildenberger (UCSB), Cross-national differences in political barriers to environmental reforms: The importance of tailoring political advocacy strategies (PDF)