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NMR Imaging and Rheology Mini-­‐Symposium

Seminar Group: 


Various Speakers


CNSI Elings Hall, Rm. 1601


Friday, September 28, 2012 - 1:30pm


Elings 1601


Songi Han, Brad Chmelka, Jerry Hu and Jaya Nolt - The MRL Spectroscopy Facility Team

This mini-symposium is intended to, first and foremost, make the UCSB Materials Community aware of the newly available capabilities of the Bruker 300 MHz super-wide-bore MRI/Diffusion spectrometer in the MRL Spectroscopy Facility by informing of potential uses and applications of these techniques.


This new instrument opens up new opportunities to conduct NMR imaging, diffusion, and flow studies of materials, especially for fluids, polymers, and soft matter.  A variable temperature Rheo-NMR probehead is included that specifically enables molecular NMR spectroscopy to be correlated with steady-state flow, imaging, or diffusion measurements (resolution on the length scales of 10s-100s micrometers) in situ, while conducting Couette, cone-and-plate and possibly other rheological experiments.


You can also find a link to the newly acquired exciting imaging capability at UCSB:


The talks will feature experts in the fields of NMR imaging, diffusion, and flow studies of polymers, fluids and soft matter.


There will be a buffet reception afterwards.