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Nondestructive 3D/4D X-ray Imaging with Multi-scale Resolution down to 50 nm

Seminar Group: 


Wenbing Yun, Ph. D.


CTO, Xradia, Inc.
Concord, CA


Friday, October 28, 2011 - 10:00am


MRL Room 2053

Multi-scale resolution 3D/4D(3D+time) x-ray imaging with multi-scale resolution down to 50 nm offers unique capability to study a wide range of materials and engineering problems, including material failure mechanism including crack initiation and propagation, corrosion or electron migration induced failure, relationship between structures and mechanical property, porosity and permeability characterization, and establishing experimental data for accurate computer modeling/simulation. Combined with in-situ loading or environmental cells, high resolution 3D/4D x-ray imaging can be used to study real sample in real environment and operating condition, enabling scientists and engineers to study a wide range of interesting problems previously difficult or impossible to study. The performance of Xradia’s multi-scale x-ray imaging microscopes will be presented and some selected applications will be discussed, including battery materials, thermal barrier coatings, oil reservoir rocks, bio-scaffold and bio materials.