The innovation engine for new materials

Publishing interdisciplinary materials science research in the Physical Review journals

Seminar Group: 


Margaret H. Hudson, Ph.D.


Associate Editor
Physical Review Journals


Friday, February 24, 2023 - 11:00am



The Physical Review journals are well-known in the physics community for their high-quality research publications, rigorous peer review, and community engagement. As the research and publication landscape changes, the Physical Review journals are eager to support authors across physics and interdisciplinary topics. Associate Editor Maggie Hudson will present a brief overview of the Physical Review journals and discuss new initiatives in open science and interdisciplinary and applied topics, with an emphasis on renewable energy research. She will highlight where topics in interdisciplinary materials research fit within specific journals, including the high-selectivity journals PRL and PRX, a selection of topical journals (e.g., PRApplied, PRMaterials, PRB), and the new energy-focused journal PRX Energy. She will also lead a discussion on best practices for writing and reviewing scientific manuscripts.