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Workshop on New Frontiers in Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals: What's Beyond the Horizon?

Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 8:00am to 6:00pm
Elings Hall 1601

Workshop on New Frontiers in Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals: What's Beyond the Horizon?

There is widespread acknowledgement that chemicals and fuels are a vital component of prosperity and that in the future they must be produced using very different processes and feedstocks than used today.   There is little agreement as to what those processes and feedstocks might look like, what the byproducts will be and how we will handle them, and where innovation and breakthroughs in basic science and engineering might have the greatest impact in enabling transformational processes.   The purpose of the Workshop is to bring together forward thinking engineers and scientists from industry and academia to talk, argue, speculate, and dream a little about what might be possible if only we could ……….    We want to engender open discussion on processes and problems that are not part of the central R&D activities in industry today, but that might be there in the future if major fundamental problems in chemical and material science and engineering are solved.

Organizing committee: Eric McFarland, Craig Hawker, Chris Greig, Mike Doherty, Glenn Fredrickson

Suggested Topics:

  • Future Trends in Energy and Product Demand:  Terawatts and Teratons, expecting the unexpected.
  • Sustainable Feedstocks and Intermediates: What might they be? Do we know all the options?
  • Sustainable Processes: Closing all the loops from cradle to grave – before we build.
  • Opportunities and Challenges in Sustainable Energy Systems:  Do we really know all the aboves in all of the above?
  • Big ideas than just might not be so crazy: in situ processing, productive geo-engineering.

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