Van de Walle
Computational Materials Group | (805) 893-7144

Materials Department, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5050


Group events (link to Flickr)

June 2014: Luke's TMP ceremony

June 2014: Cyrus' graduation

November 2013: Holiday Party

June 2013: Jack's graduation

May 2013: Beach barbeque / Chris' birthday

December 2012: Christmas Party

June 2012: Venus Transit Event at Goleta beach

August 2011: Goleta beach barbeque - farewell to Manos, Lars and Robinson

June 2011: Joel and Justin's graduation

December 2010: Christmas party ; more Christmas party photos

May 2010: Goleta beach barbeque


Past group pictures

Beach barbeque, 05/13


Beach barbeque, 05/13

Group photo, 05/11

Group photo, 05/10


Group photo 03/09


The group (with Prof. J. Neugebauer) 12/03/06


Anderson’s party

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