The MRL provides opportunities for teachers to participate in laboratory research and develop leading-edge curriculum projects. 

In this program, local science teachers participate in laboratory research under the mentorship of MRL graduate, post-doctoral and faculty researchers. Teachers work collaboratively to translate their research experiences into the development of inquiry-based lab projects for science classrooms. The total teacher stipend over the course of the two year program is $10,000.

The MRL also hosts an annual workshop for intermediate, middle and high school science teachers.

For more information on the RET program please see the "2025 RET Info" link below or contact with any questions. 

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Applications are accepted year round

This program does not provide housing, so we are limited to applications from local teachers.

For the first summer of the MRL RET program (RET1), teachers are placed as interns in UCSB research groups for 6 weeks.

For the second summer of participation (RET2), teachers work for 4 weeks developing a science curriculum for presentation to their colleagues at our annual workshop. Participants are encouraged to develop units in which students will collect hands-on scientific data, make responsible conclusions about the meaning of the data and communicating their findings to other teachers.


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The next workshop will be in March 2023.

The teaching resources developed by the teachers will be presented at annual workshops for science teachers throughout the Santa Barbara County area.


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