CSC Machine Room

MRL Facility Director: Nathan "Fuzzy" Rogers

The MRL as part of the UCSB Center for Scientific Computing (CSC) offers an array of specialized High Performance Computing (HPC) environments to support research. The CSC provides both the hardware to run calculations as well as consulting and training services to assist in the optimal use of HPC facilities.

High Performance Computing Environments:

The typical CSC computational resource is a linux Beowulf cluster. The CSC currently has 5 clusters of v arying sizes and most with optimized high-speed interconnect. Our standard hardware configurations cover the following environments.

  • Standard Beowulf Clusters 3000+ cores (and growing!)
  • Large Memory compute nodes (RAM = 1.5TB)
  • Dedicated Graphical Processing Units nodes (GPU nodes - 32GB V100s, A100s)
  • SSD Scratch Storage for faster throughput of large datasets

We also host two 'condo clusters' where researchers buy nodes in a cluster used only by participating groups. The CSC pays for cluster infrastructure and administers the system, allowing all of the financial resources of the researchers to go to increased computational throughput.

High Performance Computing Software

Software can provide an important and critical step in obtaining research results in a timely manner. The CSC strives to meet the needs of its users and has licensed and installed the following software (some are licensed only to particular groups, indicated with *).

  • Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package (VASP) for atomic scale materials modeling*
  • Gaussian for electronic structure modeling
  • Allinea DDT for debugging parallel and GPU code
  • Abaqus for simulations and analysis*
  • Container software for Docker images through Apptainer
  • Assorted additional software and libraries including MATLAB, R, Intel compilers, fftw 2 & 3, etc.

If additional software resources are needed but not listed, please let us know.

Facility Use

CSC accounts are available to UCSB students, researchers, and collaborators. Condo cluster accounts available only to participating groups.